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Get Value From Your Data

We have helped best-in-class financial services and healthcare organizations achieve incredible success by creating insights from our clients’ big data environments that ultimately lead to high value


We have access to quality talent sourced from global relationships built over 15 years. In this difficult economic environment in which many people are out of work, let us put good people to work for you.

Advanced Tech

Digital Optimus employs machine learning, AI, and big data tools operating in one of the major clouds or your on-premise environment to create operational efficiencies

Converting Big Data Into Actionable Insight

Digital Optimus’ leadership has vast experience creating insight into customer acquisition experiences and uncovering measurable opportunities for our clients

Data Visualizations

Typical Engagements

Our powerful solutions uncover new and impactful insights in an engaging format designed to help you take action. Our typical engagements include –

Campaign Analysis

Let us help you measure and analyze your marketing campaign and provide unique insight into your customer response, channels, and return on investment. We can tell you exactly how (or how not) to improve your next campaign, product, pricing, and/or customer experience.

Acquisition Journey Analysis

We can help map the customer journey and/or uncover new opportunities to improve online sales that leads to sizable growth for your top line.

Website Personalization

We specialize in consulting allows companies to present visitors with unique experiences tailored to their needs based using the visitors’ behaviors as leading indicators of success.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Modeling

Using your customer and behavioral data, Digital Optimus can help you build a customer lifetime value model and install new processes that give your organization an incredible competitive advantage.

Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) Modeling

We can provide insight into what is working and what is not and help you optimize return on your investment for the entire portfolio. Specifically we help evaluate traffic sources and success drivers and determine the value of each specific touchpoint.

Strategic Analytics Assessment

Our strategic analytics assessment is an effective tool to provide guidance for a clear path throughout the transformation to help you better leverage your data.

We Get Results

“Alex and Digital Optimus leveraged big data to help us identify and acquire new clients by creating actionable insight into new deals, to the tune of over $750 million of prospect demand within a nine-month period.”
Ben Chatraw
Ben Chatraw, CEO of North Avenue Capital

“Alex was outstanding. He was a great partner and I look forward to working with him again soon. We are a start-up with many moving parts. Alex quickly got up to speed, provided leadership around conversations to build an understanding of what was needed both long and short term. He was actionable and quickly created a roadmap to demonstrate what was needed, then acted upon those needed and delivered solutions. He collaborated beautifully with my team, was accessible as needed and always energetic and professional.”

Jennifer Brisman, CEO of Vow

Selected Successes

We measure our success by the incremental value we are able to achieve for you. You will find that we listen to what you need and follow through with quality service until you are successful. Our secret sauce is that we excel at uncovering new opportunities for you and your customers.

Customer Acquisition Optimization for Fortune 80 Client

Analyzed customer sales funnel and voice of customer data to uncover five key eCommerce opportunities for key product line resulting in $16MM annual incremental benefit

  1. Offshore analysts
  2. Customer behavior data (source=Adobe Analytics )
  3. Customer feedback data (source=Foresee)
  4. Data Robot

Lead Generation Quality Analysis for Top Commercial Lender

Generated over $750 million in prospective loan originations in first year by developing lead generation system that integrated digital interactions from Google Analytics with sales and prospect data from Salesforce CRM

Digital Experience Analysis
  1. Website data (Google Analytics)
  2. Salesforce
  3. Google Cloud Platform

KPI Reporting and Diagnostics for Leading Healthcare Firm

Developed digital reporting that diagnosed success drivers across channels, product, customer, and operational perspectives. Helped achieve over $18 million in incremental profits in the first year via Test & Learn.

  1. Adobe Analytics
  2. Tableau
  3. Google BigQuery

How Can We Help You?

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